An Inner ‘Revolt’ of sorts

Have you ever seen women dressed in fatigues, jump over sand bagged pits; raise a rifle to shoot and then salute when shot at (here the camera of course)? In real life? Perhaps in the army.

But here was an invitation to be part of that exercise for an evening. ‘No heels’ said the invite and dress the part.

This was the yearly event by Khushi Dawda the VERY store owner for women of every age group to celebrate Woman’s Day. The venue? Goa’s historic Calizz owned by Nandan Kuchodkar. If you are looking for a place to recapture the past then it’s Calizz. It literally means ‘heart’ in the local language. The event was held in the ‘inner’ courtyard of this palatial home which houses several Portuguese styled houses. This massive Portuguese mansion belonged 200 years ago to an old lady- Dona Bertha who followed the quaint old custom of ensuring that by the division of her property she would be able to satisfy God (given to her priest son), the Devil (given to her son who was a lawyer) and the local people (given to her son who was a doctor).


There were no 3 men in today’s gathering….at least no priest, lawyer or doctor- but over 300 women. Could army surplus material generate such a fashionable clique? But they managed it. Dressed to kill! The area was staged with sandbagged pits, plenty of open space for activities, the mess where women of every social strata had to stand in line for their ‘rations’…but this was a veritable fare (no pun intended).


And then the stage which showcased …those male models ‘hunks’ perhaps would be a better term and the ladies…gorgeous in hot pant ‘fatigues’. If our army would trend this way we would either stop a war or create a ‘revolt’ amongst the civilians.

And talking about ‘revolts’…there is another mansion just down the street where the ‘Pinto Revolt’ took place. It was against the Portuguese way back in 1787. Unfortunately a conspirator turned informer and the plan was found out, 47 of them were dragged through the streets, staked on wooden poles as a lesson to others.

So perhaps this was the best way to revolt against tradition…history has a way of repeating itself after all.



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