The Winding River Nets a ‘catch’

Evening time orange and purple hues dot the sky, for us it was the time for ‘fun’. We drive down the narrow road past processions of locals enacting the Way of the Cross. It’s the period of Lent. We squeeze our way between houses by the river where boats lie rocking in the swell. This used to be the navigational lifeline for the Portuguese and we were off to retrace their path towards their capital Old Goa

Daphne and Colin Raghuram…folks from abroad settled here and have their boat docked for their relaxation mode. So we sailed with them away from the noise and activity towards the backwaters. On the lookout for the lazy crocodile amongst the mangroves, no such luck this evening…but we did see plenty of flying fish popping out of the water.


The boat chugged leaving behind a frothy wake of a greenish blue hue. Birds swooped to catch their tasty morsel for dinner. The wind pulled at the tendrils of our hair. Ferries moved to and fro, so we throttled quickly to avoid them. Wooden stakes driven into the river bed, there is a net below the surface that ensnares the crabs we are told. Forget the crabs by now we were totally ensnared.

Peace and tranquility enveloped our senses; we were drugged with the beauty around us. We sipped on red wine and nibbled on homemade chutney sandwiches, vegetable pattices from a local bakery as we passed the Old Medical College (later became a home for the destitute), beautiful architecture…wonder if the stories of ghosts walking down corridors hold true. Yes it did become a premier Institute (GIM), perhaps the students could tell us a tale or two.

Picture 228

The white cupola of St Cajetan’s built to resemble St Peter’s in Rome. Initiated by Italian Friars, who although expelled from Goa, fled to convince the King of Portugal that it was in the interest of Christianity they worked alongside the Portuguese priests. They got permission and this was their legacy. Below that cupola, there is a covered well, hence presumed to be the site that was once a Hindu temple.

Linked and surrounded with water…unlimited and limitless. The Eau de Vie (water of life)…don’t forget one can get it spirited too.  Jet…Set…Go…Goa


One thought on “The Winding River Nets a ‘catch’

  1. Congratulations !!!’ You are amazing!!! You are truly blessed and have the ability to capture the inner beauty,and present the story so well. One can tell that you have done a lot of research. Thanks Odette !!! Good Luck in whatever you do. 🍷🍾🌹

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