All the World’s a Stage

Yes…famous words of the great bard….. But what would happen if food was staged like a play?

Yes it happened, the food and spirited mixes ‘play’ was curated by a Mr. Nobody (Nolan Mascarenhas), and produced by Shefali Gandhi and Aziz Lalani of the KOI fame. Yes that is a restaurant that specializes in Far Eastern cuisine…but a ‘food play?’ Well the title does grab one’s attention.

And so the homework started. If one wondered what the deadly sins are? They spell out as: Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and slot…Yuck!

And if one thinks oriental…come to think of it, there was a Japanese manga series too written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki which was serialized in 2012. So before he took on the cast there would be a story line. But we will come to that. Perhaps the audience invited for this extravaganza could be slotted for the cast later on. They were 7 too.

Look at the Japanese story line. It had 7 characters too:

The Dragon…Sin of anger and the captain of the Deadly Sins..the owner of a bar known for exquisite ale and less known for its food. Cooked by Melodius.

Melodius: very powerful and looks older than he appears. He is the Sin of Wrath…gets angry very rarely.

Ban: He is immortal and takes on the Fox’s Sin of Greed. He is Very concerned about Melodius and the other Sins.

Diane: The serpents Sin of Envy, a giant with immense physical power.

Merlin: The Boar whose Sin is Gluttony. She displays a mockingly playful and confident nature as a Mage.

Gowther: The Goats Sin of lust. He is a doll who has little concept of social interactions and emotions

Escanor: The Lions Sin of Pride. He suffers from a Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde syndrome. Meek, scrawny, apologetic during the night, proud and dominant during the day. He has strong feelings for Merlin.


Can keep one guessing as to from this audience  above, who will play which part.

And there were two more invitees…see them with the producers of the play. They really did have a ball. Perhaps one person can play a double role. It usually happens. Any takers?


The other characters were:

Eliizabeth Liones: the third princess of the kingdom of Lione searching for those sins in order to fight the Holy knights. She takes on a job as a waitress and is driven by her devotion to saving lives

The Hawk: a talking pig and Meliodas’s  companion. He helps clean the disgusting food scraps

King Harlequinn: The grizzly king of Sloth. A fairy king and was once the protector of the fairy forest and the fountain of youth. He is probably the most powerful of the seven deadly sins. He is also secretly in love with fellow Sin ‘Diane’


But as the event – the food play ‘The 7 Deadly Sins’ unfolded that evening….check out the time and date: 7 pm on the 7th day of the month….

The chef who was the main actor to this super hit, stood behind the teppanyaki counter. We clapped for every ‘course’ performed.


And as the drinks came in course by course, the curator would like the proverbial ‘chili’,  pop up to explain each sequence. By the way the roasted chili with the raw mango panna beverage was awesome, as was the wasabi Bloody Mary. Kudos to this team..


It was a good feeling as the curtain dropped down at close. There is now a confession to make….those ‘Far Eastern’ sins really made our evening.



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