Senses at play….Chisel to the paintbrush

We are known for food, spirits and beaches. Does one think of Art and Goa? Wake up. It’s time to ‘up the ante’ this time from stone chisels to the palette and paintbrush…

Let’s start at the beginning…prehistoric art. These are Rare Stone Age rock carvings in Usgalimal of Pirla village which lie on the bank of Kushavati. Off the beaten track these carvings gets submerged by the river during monsoon. This river bed which is hard rock is full of carvings by specially prepared sharp pointed hard stone tools

pic 2

A few centuries later….it’s now a combination of the chisel and the paint brush…..

If one walks into the local churches built over 5 centuries ago, the images, furnishings, and decorations were crafted by local Hindu masons.  Or maybe the temples in Ponda…folk paintings of different places in Goa adorn the walls.

fish 013

And then from palatial manors to humble households…intricate detailing in the exteriors and interiors too….a joy to behold.

The house attached

Or take in the natural sceneries of Goa….green paddy fields, ferries chugging on the blue river of the Mandovi, red laterite Forts peaceful sentinels in the setting sun.

This is what the ‘modern’ aspect of art has captured. Watercolors on canvas by two local artists- Kalida Satardekar and Dharshan Shetye. At the Kala Academy in Panjim…their declaration of their deep connection for nature and environment.


A legacy which hopefully should go down centuries….maybe??? I wonder, with progress around the corner…..perhaps this will be all that is left for our senses to play.


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