Folktales: Punjab with Punjab Grills

Ever heard about the tale of a very hungry Ant who loves to eat and swallows a pot full of Saag and many roti’s, but is still very hungry? Well that is my story, besides being a folktale from Punjab. Here in the sarson fields collecting ingredients for the meal…well, the basket helped too.


The moral of the story…Being greedy is not good, but it’s good to be a little greedy at times.

But when one gets on to the road trip of the Punjab Grills fame, one does not have much to worry about…..its food…food….and good food…even dhaba styled..that butter, the lassi and the paranthas.


Not always indoors, despite the cold. So here we were on one of the days like the Chidhi, a sparrow in Punjab who wanted to grow a wheat field for herself…a kitchen garden of sorts….we had our own.


We did have the field to ourselves to picnic and feast on prepared goodies….by Punjab Grills of course.

It is said that Punjabi folklore is the body of expressive culture….the haveli’s and forts….something to remember


And which includes tales, music, dance and customs. So here we were with our woolen shawls, the backdrop rich and resplendent and the customs…of course besides the food of Punjab Grills.


Here is our story.

Pairi mojhe paunda haan, (On my feet  I will wear socks),                                                                   thumak thumak aunda han, (Swaying I will come)                                                                                 tu chal mai aya.  (You go and I will follow!)

That was the first interaction in the bus….captured for posterity.


Did we learn to let down our hair? Yes we did…to the drum beats and the song.


And unlike the Childi (sparrow) and the Kaa (crow) we bonded well together over the superb spread.

IMG-20160118-WA0031 (1)

There has never been a road trip so well organized …like the folktale, it was the culture, traditions and of course the food. Sānū mila kē ika bahuta vaḍā vāra sī




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