Zor (Spring)….A great Balance

Let there be that ‘spring’ in your step…perhaps that could have been the secret of a healthy and relaxed way of life in this tiny state in the past. So let us share the secrets of the ‘zor’ which sadly (except perhaps for a few) are slowly falling into neglect.  Nature’s beauty slowly being polluted. The Challsamchi Zor in Margao where God was said to have put together 40 springs, the Secret Dossa zor in Assagoa lying amidst the sacred groves (Dev rai), the Rivona springs in beautiful Sanguem taulka. In the past it was a full day picnic with tiffin and a soak for medicinal benefits especially for the eyes. That was the local mantra.

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Today we have moved away from nature to Spa’s. Everyone and just anyone has to avail of the Spa therapy here. There are Spa’s which provide the relaxation ‘mode’ and ayurvedic benefits too.

Let’s take the up market Shamana Spa at The Grand Hyatt in Bambolim. Shamana means ‘balance’…and the treatment here is for body and mind restoration. And while the natural spa’s heal is based on the mineral properties in the water and one’s strong belief in the same, at Shamana Spa trained personnel interact with you to work out the treatment you desire.


And to add to the ‘uniqueness’ choose your ingredient…..there is diamond, pearl and natural seaweed too. One can spend a full day immersed in the treatment. A complimentary sauna, steam, Jacuzzi and a swim in their full length indoor pool too.

Choose those facials….pigmentation is just a massage away. Or that massage with the hot lava stone. Rejuvenation at their fingertips. The rooms, they have ‘couple’ rooms too…they all have a well appointed feel, changing rooms and toilets attached. Perfect balance in all respects.


End the experience with a choice of ‘special teas’ or a chilled drink of lemon water. It’s a day worth remembering.


Yes our little state of Goa would have a perfect ‘balance’ if our natural spa’s were spruced up. But Spa’s like this one compensate to the ‘feel good’ factor. As Kevin Richardson said ‘I believe as human beings we are out of balance, out of synch with the earth.’

The Spa’s like the Shamana Spa at The Grand Hyatt in Goa makes us live up to our old traditions where health is wealth. To quote Buddha ‘to keep the body in good health is a duty….otherwise we shall not be able  to keep our mind strong and clear.’ That is what is known as a perfect Balance.


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