Going on 70 with the ‘zest’ of living free

Today the 15th August 2016 is celebrated with pomp. We have completed 69 years of freedom. And celebrations continue in every place..This was how the Goa Marriott hotel and Spa celebrated it. They brought together the Festivals of India.

In Goa Festivals are not uncommon. We celebrate over 20 festivals in a year…from Ganesh Chaturti to Christmas.

IMG_7298 copy 2    Ch 5 Christams

So what did the Festivals of India showcase at the Waterfront restaurant? Warmth and hospitality. Like the welcome offering of a drink…lassi or kokum sherbet.


Can we go without the ‘spirit’ in Goa? No way. Have the theka ‘quarter’ local style. The Coriander Martini served in a ‘unique’ container tops the list.


And then the food…stalls with chaat, kebabs, biryani, curries and mithai, the 10 best preparations from every state, what a spread. Including the ‘inspired’ apple jalebi’s from Himachal Pradesh.

IMG_20160814_205750 (1)        IMG_20160814_200540        IMG_20160814_201032

Color, happiness and zest…that is the essence of every festival, put it all together in one word…food. It’s the ‘freedom’ to experiment with preparations right across this diverse nation of ours. India has it all.


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