Bite the Bullet

If you kill the smell, you will kill the drink. The euphoria created when a peg of this elixir moves down your gullet…its all about feni. And it’s an experience to savour when Goan Saraswat food accompanies it. This was a first.

Lets take the cashew apple. The Portuguese brought it into Goa to prevent deforestation. Well the local Goan a thrifty individual found use for the ‘nut’ And the best style to roast the nut is by ‘drum roasting’. A tedious long drawn out process…but worth it.

Drum roasted cashewnuts

What happens to the apple? That is the feni..a good digestive drink. But try the Neero or the Urak…cooling and refreshing in the summer season. The alcoholic strength of feni in local measure is known as a “Grao’. Get it right at 20 to 22 grao. Well check out Madame Rosa do it in style.

cashew apple

At Voltaire, the new Saraswat eatery, the fenitier did things in style. Rocking to an invisible beat, he showcased the spirit in great mixes.


Now a local traditional distiller will sell his product in a Khouso (pot). Madame Rosa does it differently. This year at the Defense Expo a new styled container…the Bullet, shot into the masses.


And if you think that feni does not mix well with Saraswat food take another guess. It does a great combo with the dangar too. The Saraswat styled prawn cakes, spiced up the spirit to perfection. That is the way…dangar? danger? Just bite the bullet.