Start them young

As a judge at the Mustifund High School to develop young Orators, one cannot but reminisce that Goans do have the gift for speech.

dscn0623               dscn0629

Way back when Lucasinho Riberio performed at Sokol Vaddo in Assagao, much before Goa was liberated. And today there is a thriving academy that teaches them young


So what is Tiatr? It is a unique form of dramatic art, neither prose nor a musical drama.But it does have both, A full length story divided into parts…perhaps 6 or 7. Each part is called a ‘pordho’ which may or may not have a ‘kant’ (song). The full length songs are known as a ‘kantaram’.


The tiatr is based on social issues…social, politica;, religious and comedy is an essential part. An interesting one is ‘Eksiddentt’…a trio….  Tomazinho, Joao Cardozo and Eugene Cardozo sings a song, the crowd heartthrob, Sheikh Amir, doing what he does best – a drunkard comic act.  It’s a story of a man paralysed due an accident, all-in-all about the repercussions of an accident, it reveals the tragic implications on the family and the victim as well.

Entertaining, thought provoking…over the years this mode of entetainment has gained in strength. The power of the ‘voice’ holds sway.


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