A beachnik Bonanza @ La Brise

God made earth and then that limitless horizon that touched the heavenly abode. You have the vantage point of sitting on soft undulating grains of sand and taking in His majestic creation….


Yes the beaches of Goa do put a spell on you. And if you happen to be on one of the popular beaches…Candolim; then think about this. Opt for a beachnik.

A lovely concept which has been the pastime of the locals for many years… a picnic on the beach. But now La Brise…has taken this to a different level. A classy level, but still with the ‘old favs’ specially made for you.

img_20160828_132853       img_20160828_132753

Hark back to the time when that picnic hamper would have….bread, cold meats, cold chicken leg, pork chops…… Its all laid there for you. With chef’s creating the ‘sizzle’ too. Nostalgic!!!

Want to strum the guitar? Technology rules. The vibe with music as you gaze out at the sea. Age does not matter.


So watch the elements combine. The sand and the sea. Entwined..overlapping….a super combo! You remember the experience. The fun and frolic as it embraces you to carry on for the week ahead. And just that ‘mint’ for flavor.


Sundays’ matter…It was a blast. Remember time and tide waits for no one, a swim, a shower, a meal. Want to paint those nails or braid your hair? This is the place. It’s time you were there.


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