My ‘session’ at GALF 2016

Regional writing, developing dialogues- in all these ‘happenings’ my first novel The Shadow of the Temptress made its debut at the Goa Arts and Literature Festival (GALF) 2016 on the 10th December this year.


GALF 2016 showcases and highlights writers and poets from a wide range of languages: Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Khasi and Asomiya from its inception in 2010. Besides the writers and artisits in Goa….I was happy to be part of it…


There were artists from the North-East and Kashmir, as well as Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh, and themes like Dalit writing, poetry, graphic novels, and translations. Dance too.


With eminent Dr Fatima Gracias and Dr Cidalia Bodgode, my story unraveled.


It is a tri dimensional story of the protagonist Sebastian who is crushed and influenced throughout his life by four women, which comes to the question. Were women in Goa empowered to take control of their homes way back in 1912? . The story unfolds in Goa and documents beliefs, traditions and culture during that period. It then moves to Bombay…another country..a stark contrast emerges. Where is the third dimension? It ends with a simple question. Does History repeat Itself?? Read to find out…..