The Temptress beckons- A Book Reading

‘If you write a book about a bygone period that lies east of the Mississippi River, then it’s a historical novel. If it’s west of the Mississippi, it’s a western, a different category. There’s no sense to it.’ That was Louis L’Amour. But what happens when a book is written ‘Tri dimension’…with 3 facets? Would that interest the reader? And in which category would it fall in.


Well only the reader will be able to tell if it appeals to them. So the Shadow of the Temptress ..the book and its author made its voyage to Mumbai and then back to Goa. These were the places that the protagonist travelled to.

The first reading was at a Book store called Title Waves in Bandra. A very elegant book shop, one of the best perhaps in the city. No frills in this presentation. The author took the mike and the audience sat spell bound.


The second reading was in a restaurant in Goa. Goa is all about music as a chapter in the book will tell. So the story was outlined with songs. Joanne D’Cunha with her golden voice enthralled the listeners.


And the restaurant geared up to some interesting flavors. The Four Temptresses made their presence felt with some exotic flavors. Check out Perpetua, Innocence, Miriam and Carissa. The mains were O So Tempting. Proprietor Poonam was the creative inventor.


And while on creative avatars take a look at this pomelo salad. Absolutely tempting.


And while the book might not be as ‘light’ as the salad…browse through the culture of Goa and Bombay from 1912 to 1955..two different countries Portugal and England. Check out if history repeats itself…is the drug trade prevalent in Goa only today? And of course the psychological advantage the women from Goa had over this hapless youth. The Shadow was cast by the Temptresses.