Greedy pig!!

Let’s not take the term literally and get offended. This is the Khadras Club (translation Greedy Pigs Club). Initiated by Master Chef Cyrus Todiwala OBE of the Spice Namaste fame in London, he has now brought in this concept to Goa at the Acron Waterfront Resort in Baga.

At the Cyrus Todiwala’s- The River Restaurant, the flavor before foodies sat down to dine was one of fun and Parsi styled hugs.

all together


One must remember that the Parsi’s do things in big measures. And while the Parsi pegs dominated the pre lunch buzz, the tables were set for a 4 course meal which included a pre dessert course.


Interesting offerings…eggs usually dominate their preparations…the starters ‘mini bite’ tastings did have one. Ever see an egg so small in Goa…well they managed it.

Watching the diners enjoy the meals…Sara and Pervin did have a moment of relief.

pervin plus

Moving on to the entree…the kid Gosht….nostalgic memories indeed. And then the mains..the prawn Patio was divine…the combo palate fulfilling indeed.

The pre dessert was an old favorite…Parsi styled dry sev, served with a ‘rabdi’ styled sweetened curd mix. O! so very traditional.


But the desserts had Sara’s stamp and Cyrus’s tweak on the Laganu Custard. Absolute Bliss!

Greedy Pigs?? Oh yes…not a single bite or morsel left back on the plate for the ‘dhonn’ (left overs). We in Goa normally rear our pigs on that. Would our pigs love this food? Sure they would if anything was left over for them.