Foodies who want that An Unforgettable experience. Well that was at the Taj Vivanta Panjim, where Chef Sherap Lodoe brought in the choicest Vietnamese preparations to stimulate the palate.

Chefs at work

A break from his kitchens at the Blue Ginger – Taj West End Bangalore, he bonded with the local chefs to create a 6 course menu.


The Soup: Pho Ga (chicken breast in chicken stock) and the Pho Chay (Tofu and button mushrooms). The accompanying sauces add zest to the flavor.

The Appetizers and Salads: Crispy Squid butter garlic…the light crunch…just divine. The salads mouthwateringly good. (Goi Xoai (Spicy green mango) and the Goi Chay (lettuce and Asian herbs)…don’t miss this on the a la carte)

The colorful designed menu for the festival said it all…The Fresh Rolls included fresh rice paper roll with roasted duck and the Fresh rice paper roll with water chestnuts.


Mains: Wok tossed lamb with bamboo shoots and Saigon sauce, Vietnamese chicken Red curry, Stirfried mushrooms, squash and bottle gourd in Sate sauce and Vietnamese vegetarian Yellow curry with sweet potatoes and eggplant. A confession to make. The Red and Yellow curries seems to the palate a richer version than those served in the neighboring state. Well let the battle of opinions rage….just my palates opinion.

Noodles and Rice: Vietnamese Style Stir fried rice noodles with Bokchoy, Carrots and Mushrooms and steamed Jasmine rice.


Desserts: Mindblowing Che Chuoi. Banana with sago pearls and coconut milk sweet soup. Served in a champagne saucer…it was Cheers to this heavenly repast!


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