Always ‘hurting’ (hutting) for more.

Now here is a Mall that tempts one to spend a day at leisure. The Mall de Goa, from brands to movies…a bowling alley to children chugging around for a ride in a toy train…it’s action packed.


But there is a small exciting ‘undiscovered’ place in the food courtyard- The Pan Asian Hut. Sandwiched between known brands it was indeed a pleasure to try out some of those goodies at ‘value for money’ prices…bandwidth Rs 150/- to Rs 250/-

Take the soup…perhaps a filling repast…the Laksa. Every ingredients speaks of quality.  Or the Nasi Goreng. Gosh that portion..the smaller version looks big enough for two.


Harking back for a Green curry? The Thai Green curry is awesome.


The range of adjectives seems to be dimishing….but for some crunchy, snacky preparations take a look at this golden fried crusts.


Last but not the least…the dimsums. Yes Chef Prasad Paul has got his ‘funda’s’ right. This Hut is sure to make you scream…’hut..hut..hut’…there is space for more.


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