’s time for the kitties

Who said that Goa is not active in the rains? And one does not need the pubs or entertainment venues to have fun. The ladies got together…watch those smiles. This was clicked before the repast.

kitty 4

A baker’s dozen, 12 apostles…well for them food is religion. And here was the hostess Zee Singh  with her ‘mouth watering’ preparations.

kitty 2

And if you think that Parsi food is unavailable in Goa…Prawn Patio, Mutton Pulao, Sali boti Yuum! Now think again.

And the dessert…watch yours truly sneak a hand much before the others do.

kitty 1

It was late afternoon or perhaps early evening, when we decided to call it a day. There would be time to work on those calories…right now it did not matter.


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